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Decembers Project-  Please feel free to print the project of the month and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Remember that all the projects included on this web site are created by me and copyrighted so please do not distribute the material to others without my permission. Encourage them to visit my site to download their own copies.  



I am counting the days before Christmas when my entire family will be here. The menu and shopping list are all set and I've been slowly picking up the items needed (non-perishables) for the past few weeks to help ease the cost.   A few days  before Christmas, tables are moved and decorated, chairs are placed strategically around the house and the outside of the house is decorated for all the little ones who will soon arrive.


 I have been serving dinner for twenty seven (sometimes less) now for thirty seven years and I look forward to this day.To manage a large crowd I  delegate some things to my siblings. They often will bring a dessert or an appetizer, but I cook the main meal and side dishes. I used to do a turkey with the beef but I have given the turkey up for something easier; a ham.  I try to make some of my dishes ahead of time like the carrot soup, but side dishes are made fresh that day.


Our family has decided that we should purchase only for the children each year and not the adults. The mountains of presents that parade through the front door fill up an entire room. The older children are the ones who play santa and disperse the presents when it's time.  The little ones enthustically unwrap each gift as they throw wrapping paper around the room. The adults often share the same enthusiasm with their little ones who  hold up their gifts for all to see and special  thank-yous are exchanged  to all.


After the holiday I'll take a few days off. Day one will be to clean up the house and the second day I will put my feet up and treat myself like a queen. I hope that you may enjoy your holidays and that they are truly blessed with family and freinds.



Have a Safe and Happy Holiday

Debbie Quinn


Quick Sewing Project Apron
Bistro Apron

Bistro Apron - Decembers Fast and Last Minute Gift Idea



You will need:

1/2 yard of Fabric for the Apron

and 1/4 yard of Contrast Fabric for the Ties


Step One: Cut the following from the Apron fabric.

For size small  Cut one 22"  W x 18"L

For Size Medium. Cut one 23"W x 18"L

For size Large. Cut one 24"W x 18"L

For Size Extra Large. Cut one 25"W x 18"L

For all sizes cut one 6 1/2 " x 10" Pocket Piece

You will also need a 1" Bias Tape Maker to make your own binding.


From The Contrast Fabric

Cut two to three ties 2" x the width of the fabric

For the Pocket Contrast - Cut one 6 1/2" x 3"


For the apron panel- fold to the wrong side a 1" hem along both short edges and the bottom edge of the apron panel and press.

Unfold the hem and refold the unfinished edge to the fold line creating a 1/2" double hem. If desired miter the two corners following the directions found in Novembers project (mitered dinner napkins).

Optional: Embroider the pocket if desired.

Fold the 6 1/2" x 3" contrast band in half wrong sides together so it measures 6 1/2" x 1 1/2" and press. Unfold and position the contrast to the top  edge of the pocket right sides together. Stitch across the  edge using a 1/4" seam allowance.

Position the other side of the contrast edge right sides together to the other side of the pocket and stitch leaving a 2" TO 3" opening in the center. Press both seams facing down.

Fold the contrast in half along its pressed position with right sides together. Match the side edges of the contrast with seams together. Match the side edge of the pocket too and stitch each long edge. Turn the pocket through the opening right sides out. Press, and stitch in the ditch of the contrast and pocket to close the gap in back.

On the apron mark the position of the pocket 2" down from the top edge and 1 1/2" away from the center. Pin the pocket in place and stitch around each side edge and bottom edge.

Sew the 2" x width of fabric ties right sides together along the short edges to make one long strip. I position my strips of fabric perpendicular to each other right sides together as seen in the drawing below. I sew on the intersection Left high to right low to hide the join. After sewing your strips position the tie with the wrong  sides facing up to you on your ironing board. Cut off one end of the strip into a point, and with a pin feed the pointed  end of the binding into the 1" bias tape maker. While holding the small handle pull the fabric through the binding and press the folds as you move along.


To enclose all edges: Press fold the binding in half lenghtwise with wrong sides together, enclosing all the edges.  You've now created a double folded binding strip.


Mark the center of the binding (ties) strip and the center of the apron. Unfold the binding & pin centers together with the right side of the binding to the wrong side of the apron. Stitch close to the first fold line along the top edge of the apron.


Refold the binding over to  the front along your pressed mark enclosing all unfinished edges.  Continue to fold evenly till the end of each side of the strip  Press and  pin the binding in place along top edge of the apron.


To Finish off each short end of the ties . Unfold the ties at each end. Fold the end of the ties  in half right sides together and stitch using a 1/4" seam allowance along the short edge. Repeat for the other side. Turn the unfinished edges in.Trim if necessary.


Starting from one side of the apron edge stitch close to the fold of the binding (ties)  and continue stitching to the end. Turn the apron around and stitch the opposite side overlapping your stitches at the start point. Your Done. Now sit back and  Enjoy!!!