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Illustration by Debbie Quinn
School Days by Debbie Quinn

The end of August and September means back to school for young children as well as some adults too. Enjoy this months recipe for low fat pancakes as well as this months coin purse project.


LowFat Pancake Recipe
Pancakes for a Leisurely Saturday Brunch

When the kids go back to school it officially means the end of summer for some, but  the month of September can also be just as nice. I look forward to warm sunny days on the weekend. My husband and I like to  head out to the beach for long walks or sometimes we like to have dinner at the beach.


I know with  young children around;  September can also mean lots of paperwork, weekends taken up by the start of fall sports, and shopping for the many items needed to start the school year. The hectic schedule can sometimes take its toll on our health. Take a day  to yourself and sew which can produce a relaxing and calming effect.  This month is National Sewing Month so your local store may offer special events to mark this occasion.


 In New England September also marks the beginning of apple season. Locally apples can be found at farm stands or in the supermarket. Start off your weekends with a relaxing Saturday morning and make the low fat pancake recipe that I have provided.   Add some diced apples and chopped pecans and you'll have created a family favorite. You can also assemble the ingredients the night before and quickly mix together the pancakes  in the morning. Easy!
For the month of September  I've created a fun project for you to embroider, sew or serge. The coin purse is easy to sew and can be sewn in an hour. If you own an embroidery machine download the zip file and the format needed for your machine.  The crosshatching will all be done in the hoop for you while you take care of other things.. It only takes a few minutes with great results. Add a monogram using your embroidery machine, as I did with mine and you've got a personalized bag or gift for someone. The bag measures approximately 6 1/2" W x 5" tall which is perfect for holding makeup, cash, personal items,  or your cell phone.Feel free to download this project but please encourage others to visit my web site to download their own free copy.  Remember all projects are designed by me and may be used for your personal use only.
free sewing project coin purse
Simple Sew or Serge Coin Purse

Sew or serge this cute little bag for your purse. This is a fun quick bag that does all of the crosshatching for you in the hoop while creating a double sided quilted fabric. Add a monogram if you desire using your machines monogram options or your embroidery software fonts. 

If you don't own an embroidery machine download the pattern and crosshatch your pieces with your sewing machine. There is no need to add seam allowances to the pattern because they've already been added for you.


You will need the following supplies.

Two pieces of main fabric; Cut size: 11"W x 7 1/2"L 

Two pieces of  Pellon Lightweight fusible fleece; Cut size:  11"W x 7 1/2"L

Two pieces of lining fabric to fit your hoop

Minimum hoop size  should be 140 x 200mm

Matching embroidery thread, and thread to match your project

K-2 adhesive spray or Quilting Basting Spray

14" zipper

1/4" wonder tape

Three thread Serger or Zig-zag sewing machine


Step One: Thread your embroidery sewing machine with Rayon embroidery thread. Position the lining fabric with the wrong side facing up inside your hoop.

Position the glue side of the Pellon Fusible Fleece to the wrong side of the main fabric matching edges and fuse with a hot iron till the fleece adheres to the fabric. Note: Test the heat of the iron first to make sure that puckers do not occur.

Mark the side edges of the rectangle at center along each edge. Apply basting spray to the fleece side. Position the fabric piece centered into the hoop with right sides facing up. (You may have to turn this piece around in order to fit the design into your hoop).

Folding the main fabric in half with right sides together helps you to easily line your piece up to  the center marks of your hoop. After centering unfold the fabric with right sides facing up to you.

Embroider the design, and add a monogram if desired. Repeat for your back piece. Those without an embroidery machine will need to crosshatch piece.

Add a 1/4" Allowance

After embroidering both pieces trim your seam allowance 1/4" beyond the long edges. Trim the small squares in the bottom of each corner at the stitch line. If you are serging or sewing  this project apply wonder tape to the right side along the top edge. This will help hold the zipper in place while sewing.



Position the zipper right sides together to one purse section along the top edge. For Serging your zipper needs to extend evenly beyond each edge. This is important so that you do not hit the metal stop or the zipper pull.


SERGERS Only -set your machine to a balance three thread over lock following the directions in your manual.


Lift your presser foot up and position the fabric/zipper (see below) under the presser foot. Serge (sew) across using a 1/4" seam allowance. Repeat for the other side. Press all seams facing down towards the bottom edge.

Notice how the zipper extends beyond the fabric. This prevents the stop or the pull from being dragged into the serger.

After sewing both sides of the zipper  move the zipper pull  to the center of the bag. Position the  opened zipper ends evenly together. Your seams should face down and the zipper  teeth should be facing up. To help keep edges even when serging. stitch with your sewing machine to hold in place. Trim the zipper even to the edge of the fabric. Repeat for the other side of the zipper.

Serge or sew both side edges, and the long bottom edge. Do not sew the small squares at each corner.

Working on one side at a time box each opened corner by matching the side seam allowance to the bottom seam allowance. Stack the seam allowances in opposite directions and stitch across. Repeat for the other corner.
Turn the bag with right sides out. Tug the corners of the zipper area carefully to push them out. Cut a 6" ribbon and add to the zipper pull if desired.
Your all done. Now wasn't that fun.