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Lightweight Pellon Fusible Fleece

Use for the outside bag pockets on the larger tote bag and used exclusively in the smaller bags.


PFF-$4.95per yard

Heavyweight Pellon Fusible Fleece

 Used for the outside bag sections. This will be fused onto the outside main bag sections, which will prevent the fleece from slipping while quilting.


HPFF-$6.50 per yard

Shirt Tailor Interfacing-A non-woven fusible interfacing used for all the patterns to give structure to all the bags and accessories.


STI $2.75 per yard

Iron Quick Teflon Coated Fabric- Used for the Essential Sewers Organizer's pattern. This becomes a pressing surface for your inside mat holder.  IQT-$5.25 Per 3/8 yard

purse supplies d-rings
Clover D-Rings available in Sizes 1 3/16" or 3/4"
3/4" or 1 3/16"

The D-rings by Clover come in two sizes.  The 1 3/16 inch size is perfect for the Computer Bag. The smaller 3/4" Clover D-Rings are  perfect for The Essential Purse Pattern, and The Basic Purse Pattern & The Great Little Purse Pattern. Each package contains two d-rings.

purse hardware clover magnetic snaps
Magnetic Snaps Sizes 1/2" or 3/4"
1/2" or 3/4" Magnetic Snap

Clover Magnetic Snaps are a little bit bulkier than the low profile snaps but they'll work just as well for the smaller bags. Package of 1-1/2" size.

purse slides for bags
Strap Adjuster Sizes 3/4" or 1"


Available in two sizes

This Strap Adjuster is available in 3/4" and 1" sizes brass only.  Please specify when order which size that you would like. Directions on how to use this strap adjuster is available with your purchase.,

Low Profile Magnetic Snap
Low Profile Magnetic Snap 3/4" Size in Gold Or Silver
Available in Gold Or Silver

The Low Profile Snaps prevent bulk in the snap area. It's great for all of the purses. Directions are included with your purchase.

strap hook
Clover Swivel Ring 3/8" Size

Clover 3/8" Swivel hook is great if you want to attach your keys inside your purse. I use this in the Computer Carry-All .

Premium d rings for purses
Premium D-rings available in Gold or Silver
Available in Gold, Brass Or Silver

Premium D-Rings are a heavier weight d-ring available in Gold or Silver. I used this d-ring for the Pop-In-Bag. It comes in a set of two.

1/2 inch d rings for smaller bags
1/2 inch d-rings perfect for the Flirtatious Purse or Everyday Necessities
Available in Gold, Brass Or Silver

The 1/2" D-Rings are available in gold silver or antique brass. They are packaged in a set of two. Please specify gold silver or bronze on the order form  when ordering. This size d-ring is perfect for the Everyday Necessities, Cosmetic Bag, or The Flirtatious Purse Pattern.  

adjustable purse straps
1" Strap Adjusters in Gold or Silver
Available in Gold Or Silver

This Strap Adjuster is perfect for 1" straps. It is available in either gold or silver so please specify when ordering. Directions on how to use this strap adjuster is available with your purchase.