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st pattys day illustration by Debbie Quinn
With a name like Quinn you know that I will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day with my family. It's one of my favorite holidays and fun to do a last minute embroidery project.  The embroidery project for this month is perfect for making easy potholders in the hoop with your embroidery sewing machine.
Also check out the bistro apron. The apron sews up quick and is fun to wear.  Refer to December's newsletter in how to cut and sew the apron. I added a row of decorative stitches along the bottom hemline to add some color to the white fabric. I used the applique from the potholder to embroider onto the pocket of the apron. 
  Have fun & Happy Saint Patty's Day.  Debbie Quinn


Apron & Pot Holder for Saint Pattys day
Apron & Pot Holder

Thank goodness, spring is just around the corner. Have fun making these quick and easy projects. The potholders take approximately 30 minutes to make using your embroidery sewing machine.  The size of the potholder is approximately 6 1/4" squared. It's perfect for removing hot pans from the stove top and from the microwave. If you don't own an embroidery machine you can download the drawing so that you can applique with your sewing machine.

 The bistro apron directions can be found on the newsletter for December.


For two potholders you will need the following:

  • Aqua Magic Stabilizer or a similar water soluble stabilizer 
  • (2) 9" squares of backing fabric & (2) 9" squares for the front of the potholder. I used white to show off the applique for my project.
  • (2) 6" squares of fabric for the applique
  • (1) spool of rayon thread for top and bobbin to match your project
  • (2) 6" squares of Warm Cotton Tater Batting.
  • (1) can of temporary Spray Adhesive for sewing

Step One: Position the water soluble stabilizer into the hoop. Lay the backing fabric onto the stabilizer with the wrong sides facing up to you. Position the hoop onto the sewing machine and stitch out the first set of stitches. Using your spray adhesive lightly spray the back of the batting. Position the batting centered inside of your stitched box.

stipple in the hoop
Step Two:  Lay the top fabric  in the hoop with the right sides facing up. Stitch out the stippling, and the stem for the applique. The machine will stop between this is normalThis allows you to do the stippling in a different color if desired. 

trim applique

Note: For the remainder of this project the machine will stop to change color. These stops are programmed so that you can do the necessary trimming. The color should remain the same throughout unless you prefer a different color for the pot holder's edge.

Step Three: Lay the applique fabric centered in hoop with the right sides facing up. Stitch out the applique outline. Remove the hoop from the machine and trim the applique close to the stitch line. Position the hoop onto your sewing machine and continue allowing the machine to finish the shamrock.

trim around potholder edge

Step Four: After the machine sews the outside edge of the potholder (color #7) trim the potholder as done previously for the shamrock: I trim  a little more than an 1/8" away from the stitch line. Position the hoop back onto the sewing machine and finish your potholder.

trim around potholder edge

Step Five: When completed. Trim any long threads. Trim the stabilizer 1/4" away from your potholder. Wash the stabilizer away under warm water. Squeeze out the excess water and lay flat to dry. Press when the pot holder is dried.