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January is the perfect time to reflect on the past year and move onward with the new. The new year offers us new promises and hopes for the future that as human beings we can change. Resolutions are often made but not always kept.  If this should happen to you, learn to forgive yourself. Every day has new beginnings.

Many of us often start diets in the New Year which sometimes can be difficult to stick too. I was always good on my diet till around three o'clock, but the sweet tooth always won out. I knew I needed to change, so I changed some things in my life. No I didn't get rid of the husband; Instead of eating three meals a day I now eat five smaller meals which keeps my blood sugar from dropping to that extreme low. I always start my day with breakfast which should be one of the  most important part of everyone's day. I start my day with oatmeal. during the week  but on weekend's I often make pancakes for my family. Lunch consists of a salad and soup with a berry/yogurt smoothie. My 3 o'clock snack is a chai tea latte, of course the low fat way made with skim milk and a spinkling of cinnamon sugar. Two grahm cracker squares are the perfect companion to my latte. One-half hour before dinner I have a  fiber pill and a large glass of water which helps suppress my appetite. I  eat a normal dinner but I have really cut down on the portion size of my meat to a two to three ounce serving. My last snack for the day is around 8 (three hours before bedtime) and sometimes consist of 1/2 cup of brown rice, or tapioca with a little cinnamon sugar. So what does this all add up too. Over the past year and a half I have lost over twenty five pounds ( slowly) by these simple changes. Of course I've added some exercise to my program which does help. If I'm watching television I flip on my favorite show and I walk for a half hour during the show Sometimes its in small increments of 10 minutes at a time . If I'm sewing I often will get up and take a break with a small amount of exercise. Every little bit helps.

 Now I'm not a saint because there are times when food calls me and I indulge, sometimes a little too much, but I think I've found some ways to cope with everyday overeating. By making some small changes in your life you can subtract from your waistline without a lot of sacrifice.

What does January and February have in common besides being cold in New England? January is National Tea Month, and February is National Heart Month.

Catcheins a component of tea helps in fighting cardiovascular disease. People who drink tea have the added benefit of a faster metabolism, better heart health, and less dental cavities. To maintain the full benefit of tea it's important to at least have one cup tea without milk, preferably with lemon or another citrus to obtain the maximum amount of anti-oxidants. Have a cup of tea with a friend or have a tea party to promote a heart healthy life style.

This month's project is a free heart applique embroidery for your embroidery sewing machine. Download the digitized file to your  files in the  format  for your sewing machine. Open up the PDF File Machine Embroidery Applique  (in the left column). I hope you enjoy this heart. Add it to a t-shirt, gift bags, dinner napkins, or to a pajama top.

I sewed the heart pattern onto a cute little gift bag that I've designed. The finished bag measures 5 1/2" wide by 4" tall. This little bag would be perfect for a child to bring their Valentine's into school with or for filling with chocolate. 


If you'd like to purchase just the gift bag pattern in a downloadable format the cost is $4.00 The pattern will be sent to you digitally within 24 to 48 hours. Osnaberg fabric is also available too. A quarter yard will make 2 bags.

Gift Bag
Valentine's Day Gift Bag $4.00
Osnaberg Fabric